Saturday, January 17, 2009

Study Journal (Dec 8 - Jan 16)*

It is 362 days since I started studying for the TOEIC test◎

Followings are what I have done
between Monday, December 8 and Friday, January 16.

1日1分レッスン!新TOEIC Test 英単語、これだけ セカンド・ステージ
iKnow! まずは!TOEIC基礎・リスニングセクション
iKnow! まずは!TOEIC基礎・リーディングセクション
iKnow! まずは!TOEIC基礎・総仕上げ
iKnow! さらに!TOEIC上級・リスニングセクション
iKnow! さらに!TOEIC上級・リーディングセクション
iKnow! さらに!TOEIC基礎・総仕上げ

 I tried 2nd round of 3回チャレンジ on 第2回模試
 and then checked the items I didn't know.
 I wrote down the sentences that I had checked
 at the listening section on 第1回模試.
 I listened to the listening sections of
 第1回模試 and 第2回模試.

 『1日1分レッスン!新TOEIC Test
 英単語、これだけ セカンド・ステージ

 I got this book at 年末学習会議.
 (Thank you so much, OJiM san!!)
 I answered all the questions
 and then checked the items I didn't know.

I worked on iKnow! -> 1,365 items for this period
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Hi aahya!!

Thank you ,I appreciated your introducing the book I presented you last year!

I expect your feedback on the book.
Posted by OJiM at 20:55, on January 17, 2009

Hi, OJiM san :)
Yeah, I remember that you told me you were looking forward to reading my review last year. All right, I'm gonna post an article about the book next time!
Posted by あーひゃ at 21:11, on January 17, 2009